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I’m sure you have heard the saying “Up the creek without a paddle”, prevent the situation right here. If you enjoy the serenity of rowing a boat oars are the perfect fit for you. The cost effective way to meet your safety requirements is a set of paddles and these can be securely attached to your boat with a set ot tube clips.


Two piece design for convenient storage.

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Comes in 2 sizes 1.6 metre and 1.8 metre


Chrome plated cast marine alloy rowlock plates in side mount.

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Available in a range of lengths and sold in pairs


Double blade kayak paddle.

Features black, anodised aluminium lightweight handle with foam hand grips.

The unique shape off the offset 'Power Blade' paddle blades minimize drag through the water

and makes paddling easier. Rubber drip rings prevent water from coming aboard.

Available in 1 or 2 piece designs

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Paddle telescopes from minimum length of 760mm to max of 1.07 metres

Simply turn the handle to unlock or lock the telescoping shaft.

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Three sizes of black rubber oar stops to suit most oars.


Standard tee handle paddle is 1.2 metres in length

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Tube Clip Nlyon White