Ski Shop

Prepare you and your family for fun on the water by stocking up with the right gear!

Our Ski Shop has an excellent range of watersports equipment and accessories to ensure you have a great & safe day on the water.

Need the equipment? We have a great range of waterskis, wakeboards, wakeskates, wakesurfers, kneeboards, fun boards and inflatable ski tubes to suit beginners right through to advanced.

Our wetsuits, vests and ski shorts are designed for watersports and come in kids, mens and womens sizes so everyone can have the right outfit to safely hit the water.

Don’t forget that extra gear like helmets, ropes & handles, gloves and jet ski accessories that sometimes get overlooked in all the excitement when preparing for the water.


The combination of quick maneuverability, response, and forgiveness makes the Carbon V the best 34 mph tournament level slalom ski on the market.


Big jumps, wide open cuts from our new performance driven Women’s series.


A new lightweight, reactive mystery. Created by smart scientists in lab coats that like fast wakeboards.