Wakeboards, Wakeskates & Wakesurfers

Enjoy the thrill of riding a wake? We offer a wide variety of wakeboards, wakesurfers & wakeskates to suit all skill levels & styles for the whole family from leading watersports brands such as Ronix, Liquid Force, Hyperlite, OBrien, ML & Jobe. We even offer options for your little wakeboarder, with designs for both boys & girls, so they are able to sharpen up their skills on the water. Our wakeboards are available to purchase as a package with wakeboard bindings, or you have the option to buy them blank.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, check out our wakeskates and wakesurfers. Our wakesurf range offers high end performance and construction options for the best wakesurfers in the game and entry level wakesurfers for those jumping in to catch the endless wave. Need to protect your gear? Make sure your watersports equipment is transported safely with our specially made bags. Don’t let lack of equipment stop you from riding the wake.


Touch the sky or ride the rail with our best-selling wake/park crossover women's board.


Simply shaped to advance your skills on the wake - Build a solid base.


Ladies, say goodbye to wakeboarding one direction and getting caught outside the wake unable to cross back over!